Algorithms are just instructions


In this video. Andy French looks at what makes up a computer algorithm. Rather than diving into coding, we look at an algorithm to build a simple Lego model… and make some mistakes along the way.

Talking points:
  • Do you think you can describe what an algorithm is after watching this video?
  • If the printers had made mistakes with the instructions, such as leaving a step out, would we end up with a finished model?
  • Mistakes in coding lead to bugs, when the final computer game or program does not work as we hoped. Fixing these errors is a process called debugging, which is what we had to do to in our Lego build!
  • Can you create your own Lego model, and write down the steps needed for someone else to build it? Test it out on a willing friend or family member!
  • Worksheet: Algorithms! [Link]

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