How does my football game work?


Have you ever thought about how computer-controlled players or bad guys in computer games can play a game like you can? Andy French looks at how we can make computer game characters behave like human players, using a low-tech tabletop football game as an example.

Talking points:
  • Making computer game characters behave like real life is a form of artificial intelligence (AI). What else around you do you think has some AI built into it to make it work?
  • If you were programming a football game, what kind of actions would you want computer controlled players to carry out? Think about how you could describe these in simple steps – maybe try acting them out!
  • Have you ever played a game where a computer controlled character has done something odd or silly? Do you think this was because there was a mistake in the coding?
  • Worksheet: Being your own game AI! [Link]

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